There are a lot of nail salons out there (more than 50,000 in the United States alone), but there's nothing quite like Pink Lemon Park Nail Studio.

We offer extraordinarily indulgent manicures and pedicures (great waxing too) in a beautifully whimsical, relaxing setting with unprecedented levels of personal service from highly-skilled technicians ... plus the most comprehensive sanitation and safety in the nail salon industry today. And we do it 7 days a week with a passionate commitment to "surprise and delight" our customers.

So what's in a name, you ask? Plenty! It's pink lemon as artistic muse.

It's the symbol that Pink Lemon Park Nail Studio's owner, Christine Kwon, chose to express her vision for the perfect nail salon she dreamed of opening one day. A place that celebrates the art and artistry of nail care and provides a fantastic escape from the pressures of urban living. And now that place has become a reality.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!




When it comes to matters of Sanitation & Safety, Pink Lemon Park goes way beyond other nail salons


Employees begin each service with a dual sanitation protocol, sanitizing their hands and your hands too (or your feet, if it's a pedicure).

After removing any leftover polish, nails get whitened with real lemon juice.

Every customer gets a fresh (disposable) nail file and buffer each time.

All metal tools are heatz-sterilized in an autoclave (just like at the dentist's office) and then put into individually-sealed sanitation pouches.

There are no whirlpool footbaths in the pedicure lounge (because the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta deemed them a breeding ground for bacteria).

No razors or credo knives in our pedicures. Instead, rough, callused skin is gently removed (no shredding) with an autoclaved, surgical-grade, steel foot file.

Sinks and tabletops constantly cleaned with medical-grade disinfectant.

For waxing, we use a gentle, high-grade wax poured into an individual sanitation cup and applied with a new stick each time (no double-dipping).